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Jenny Lind Scholarship

This page is about the the Royal Academy of Music since 1965 distributed the Jenny Lind stipe diet. For the Academy of Fine Arts travel grant, see Jenny Linds travel grant .

Jenny Lind Scholarship has been awarded since 1965 by the People’s House and Parker to a young singing student. [1] In the 1970s, merged Jenny Lind scholarship with the Royal Academy of managed funds from Jenny Lind Scholarship Fund. The scholarship is SEK 40 000 and the fellow will also receive a ” Jenny Lind -dress. ” The scholarship also includes appearing on concert tours in Sweden and the U.S..429px-JennyLind-photo

In the United States appointed annually an American Jenny Lind scholarship and the winning singer will correspondingly make a concert tour in the U.S. and Sweden.

Jenny Lind Scholarship was originally another scholarship, instituted in 1862, which was distributed exclusively by the Royal Academy of Music .

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